The Quest Swimming program is dedicated to TEACHING the art of swimming and PERFECTING the game of racing. We base our teachings on proper fundamentals. The funamentals of aquatic movement that we focus on are:

1. Breathing rhythmically and timely

2. Achieving a perfectly horizontal line for least resistance

3. Maintaining the longest line possible for an optimal time

4. Generating power from the core body; that is, synchronizing movement that begins from the core and ends in the extremities.

In keeping with the philosophy of providing a quality, competitive swimming program for young people of all ages, abilities, and levels of interest, Quest offers different levels of professional instruction and training.

NOVICE - This level is determined to start young swimmers into the sport of competitive swimming while allowing maximum opportunity to participate in other activities and sports. 

We offer three NOVICE training groups: Quest 1, Quest 2, and Quest 3.

AGE GROUP - This level  allows for an intensified practice environment for an experienced young swimmer or a rapidly advancing swimmer. Fundamentals continue to be emphasized in a cyclical fashion at this level - but training physiology elements (power, speed, muscular and aerobic endurance) are also introduced. 

We offer two AGE GROUP training groups: Age Group 1, and  Age Group 2

SENIOR - Senior swimming is the pursuit of the highest competitive excellence in the world of swimming and the desire to be the best that you can be. The primary consideration for moving into our senior program should be the "readiness" of the individual. They should be very goal oriented, willing to risk failure, mature enough to have sportsmanlike perspective, and have the desire to "go the distance".

We offer two SENIOR training groups: Senior 2, and Senior 3.

MASTERS - Lastly, we offer a training group for Masters athletes aged 19 and older. The term Masters is a tricky one, as it only describes the age of the athlete, not the ability level or competitiveness. Our Masters athletes vary in swimming background. Some are former collegiate athletes looking to get in shape or lose weight. Others are competitive triathletes or endurance athletes. Several swim for the health benefits. Every one of our Masters athletes swims for the "fun" of it.